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EPA chief tours scene of toxic spill in Animas River to figure out how to blame it on climate change

By Doug Powers  •  August 12, 2015 09:50 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

While attempting to clean up an abandoned mine near the Animas River in Colorado, the EPA demonstrated the threat posed by free-range regulators.

Fear not, though, because EPA head Gina McCarthy is on the scene and “working with local & state officials to protect your health” in the wake of the EPA-triggered spill:

In a 15-minute news conference at the EPA’s command center in Durango, McCarthy called the event “heartbreaking.” She apologized for the disaster and said the EPA takes full responsibility, acknowledging the agency is charged with protecting the public.

EPA is conducting an internal investigation into the cause of the spill, she said.

McCarthy said she plans to rely on her experts on-scene of the mine spill, and she does not plan to visit the site herself. She did walk down to the river in Durango, she said.

McCarthy made no plans to meet with the public. Instead, she will meet with federal and local officials behind closed doors.

She wanted to assure the public that leaders are working hard and working with local governments. She wants “science to be our guide.”

“Science”? You know what that means — she’s about to blame climate change. It’s inevitable.

It’s so gracious of the EPA to give themselves a second chance in this matter even though they’d have had you or I perp walked by now for something as minor as injuring a Burmese titmouse while digging post holes for an unauthorized privacy fence. But the EPA setting the wheels in motion for the quick contamination of a river is merely an opportunity for the EPA to prove their mettle — they’re the problem and solution — all in one bloated federal agency.

**Written by Doug Powers

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