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The pantsuit of shamelessness: Hillary now blaming State Dept’s ‘ridiculous classification rules’

By Doug Powers  •  August 21, 2015 02:34 PM

**Written by Doug Powers


How did Hillary Clinton’s server (one of them at least) end up being maintained out of the bathroom of a Denver loft apartment? Because State Department regs governing standard operating procedure on tech matters are just so confusing!

She couldn’t understand the employee handbook at the State Department but is ready to take the helm of the United States! Tell it to the judge, Hillary (that your husband appointed).

Next time you’re audited by the IRS, try blaming their “ridiculously confusing rules” for any mistakes you might have made and see how far that excuse gets you.

That’s not really a new excuse in the Clinton household. Rumor has it that back in the 90’s, Bill blamed Ken Starr’s investigation on “ridiculously convoluted marriage vows.”

For your convenience, here’s a nifty video that allows you to see the evolution of Hillary’s lies in just a couple of minutes:

Too bad for Hillary her server-wiping cloth won’t also erase her past lies.

**Written by Doug Powers

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