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Commence victimization phase: HuffPo finds the terrible truth Hillary’s emails reveal

By Doug Powers  •  September 2, 2015 04:59 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

How many federal laws did Hillary Clinton break with her email shenanigans? How much classified information did foreign governments manage to get their hands on?

Put all that on the back burner, because HuffPo Politics reported what Hillary’s emails really reveal


Hey, that was exactly my takeaway too!

Hillary Clinton has long been a champion of policies to facilitate work-life balance, particularly for women. Yet as secretary of state, members of her staff reported feeling stressed and found it difficult to take time off.

Part of the trove of State Department emails released late Monday show staffers discussing the breakneck pace of their work and imploring each other to take days off.

In one 2009 email, Anne-Marie Slaughter urged top Clinton aide Huma Abedin to begin her Christmas vacation a few days early, on Dec. 21. “I would urge you to — for your own sake. The pace is absolutely killing and you deserve it,” she told Abedin.

Slaughter added that if Abedin, then Clinton’s deputy chief of staff, decided to take that day off, other staffers “would feel much freer to do so.”

How terrible. HuffPo should encourage the government to find and release even the emails she’s deleted so Americans can understand that Hillary’s staff worked to the point of exhaustion (mostly finding and deleting emails). Why should the full measure of their sacrifice be known only to Russian and Chinese government hackers?

Above: Average work day at the State Department under Hillary Clinton

**Written by Doug Powers

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