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Hillary Clinton, wife of Bill, says women with sexual assault claims have the right to be heard and believed

By Doug Powers  •  September 14, 2015 08:05 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Hillary Clinton has erased absolutely everything leading up to her latest attempt to win the Democrat nomination. She’s even scrubbed her memory — but more importantly, she hopes you’ve also scrubbed yours:

That’s the latest entry into the Clinton Shamelessness Hall of Fame. File it next to “Extinguishing ‘Bimbo Eruptions’ By Any Means Necessary” in the Bill and Hillary file, right next to the drawer containing the Leaves of Grass, leather hood and ball gag combo gift packs to be offered on those “special” occasions.

Watch this interview with Bill and Hillary from 1992, which is even years before Monica Lewinsky could prove Clinton was lying (otherwise Hillary would have said she was lying too). Women with sexual harassment complaints, “you have the right to be believed,” unless of course those complaints are directed at the man who’s still hauling the tattered, hypocritical coattails on which Hillary hopes to be dragged into the White House:

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**Written by Doug Powers

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