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Obama’s Alaska trip to sound the global warming alarm has really turned into a snow job

By Doug Powers  •  September 27, 2015 10:51 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At the beginning of this month, President Obama went to Alaska, which he’s referred to as the “front lines” in the fight against global warming. Thanks to modern technology, Obama allowed the rest of the world to join him in taking in one of the most awesome sights on the planet:

Obama went to Alaska for one other reason:


Obama used his “there’s stuff melting in Alaska in the summertime” warning as the focal point for his Clean Power Plan, as if the fully aroused EPA busybodies needed another shot of regulatory Cialis.

Obama staring down glaciers in Alaska seems to have had a positive effect when it comes to reversing a warming trend that, according to the alarmists, would mean that by December of 2018 John Kerry could be windsurfing off the shore of Barrow.

Yes, Obama’s effort to stop the melting is working:

Fall’s arrival may have been greeted with a collective warm shrug of the shoulders in the Lower 48 states, but Alaskans have already broken out winter coats.

Officially, 6.7 inches of snow blanketed the city of Fairbanks Friday, turning the city into a winter wonderland just days into fall.

Not only was this the city’s first measurable snow of the season, but this was the city’s third heaviest calendar-day September snow on record, topped only by Sep. 13, 1992 (7.8 inches) and Sep. 29, 1972 (7 inches).
Fairbanks only averages 1.9 inches of snow during the month of September.

Need more convincing?

Alaska’s a big state and all but one of the first order climate stations here is reporting colder than average temps. so far this Sept: Nome -2.6, Anchorage -2.0, Bethel -2.0, Fairbanks -1.9, Barrow -1.9, King Salmon -1.9, Kotzebue -1.7, McGrath -1.6, Annette -1.2, Yakutat -1.1, Kodiak +0.2. Look at how snow is accumulating in Alaska, the Yukon Territory and Russia.

It’s an Obama miracle!

**Written by Doug Powers

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