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Obama and Clinton once again gunning for ‘Firearm Salesperson of the Year’ trophy

By Doug Powers  •  October 6, 2015 09:07 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

The “Firearm Salesperson of the Year” trophy is still up for grabs with less than three months left to go in 2015, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are running neck and neck:

Renewed calls for tougher gun control laws sent gun stocks surging on Monday as investors expected an increase in gun sales. The value of Smith & Wesson’s shares went up by 7.29% and Sturm, Ruger & Co increased by 2.75%.

It was another good day for gun stock investors. Overall this year, the value of Smith & Wesson’s shares has increased by more than 80% and that of Sturm, Ruger increased by more than 60% – making them some of the best-performing stocks of 2015.

Monday’s rally in gun stocks came hours after Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state and the Democratic candidate for the president, unveiled a plan calling for tougher background checks at gun shows and online than those currently in place.

“We need universal background checks,” Clinton said at the New Hampshire town hall. “We know that they will work.”

Obama also renewed his calls for tougher gun control laws on Thursday, after a deadly shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

When Obama and Clinton say they’re “good for business” they’re unwittingly telling the truth in a very isolated and unintentional sense.

Today, Obama’s making good on calls to politicize shootings more by visiting Roseburg, Oregon, where he’ll blame the singling out of Christians for mass murder on the NRA (and maybe have a few harsh words for the local sheriff as well).

At the same time, Hillary will continue to make the case for why guns only belong in the hands of her security guards and celebrity supporters, all while the FAA moves ahead with plans to clear air space for the rising stock of gun manufacturers. Keep on talking, Dems.

**Written by Doug Powers

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