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Global warming causes Sierra Club president to melt during Ted Cruz questions about ‘cooking’ planet

By Doug Powers  •  October 7, 2015 07:49 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

The Sierra Club has gone all-in on Obama’s plan to spend another mountain of money to “combat” the effects of global warming. During questioning by Sen. Ted Cruz, Sierra Club President Aaron Mair did the eco equivalent of taking the Fifth, which was to constantly repeat the “97 percent of scientists” talking point as if that’s evidence of anything.

For a guy trying to sell “settled science” he looked a lot like somebody cornered on the witness stand. This is pretty funny:

Liberals will criticize Cruz for not offering Mair the opportunity to use more of his lifelines (Mair still had “50/50” and “phone a friend” remaining, though as you can see he did use his “ask the audience” option more than once).

Sen. Coons tried to save Mair there at the end but failed. If a corporate CEO whose company was being examined for questionable financial dealings testified that “97 percent of accountants say we did everything correct,” would Coons consider that an adequate response?

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**Written by Doug Powers

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