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Environmental Animas-ity: Head of EPA jetting (with many others) to Dubai for summit on saving the ozone

By Doug Powers  •  October 28, 2015 08:53 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The Animas River might breathe a sigh of relief knowing that these eco-braintrusts will be about as far away from it as they can possibly be without leaving the planet:

Dubai’s probably thrilled to host some of the people who have called the end of fossil fuels “inevitable” as long as their immediate focus is limited to chlorofluorocarbons:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy will promote U.S. climate and environmental goals by leading the U.S. delegation to the Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol, which will take place November 1-5 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Administrator McCarthy will also meet with key counterparts while in Dubai.

The Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer is a global agreement to protect the stratospheric ozone layer through measures to control production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances.

Will McCarthy tell everybody to relax because the environment will restore itself no matter what? Unless we can prove her agency caused the alleged problem, that won’t happen.

In the spirit of the Montreal Protocol, all air conditioning will be turned off in Dubai for the duration of the Climate Crusaders’ meeting.


Just kidding, Gina — don’t worry.

**Written by Doug Powers

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