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Ted Cruz nails media’s selective fawning, Hillary brushes off GOP debate with Benghazi hearing clip

By Doug Powers  •  October 29, 2015 07:36 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

At the debate last night on CNBC, Ted Cruz heard the “have you stopped denying healthcare to children, answer yes or no”-style loaded questions from the so-called moderators and finally had enough:

It would be easy to criticize the lib bias amongst the moderators, but the RNC actually approved that predictable circus in advance. Cruz made the best of it.

Meanwhile, Hillary took any momentum manufactured by the media helping spread the “best ten days ever” BS narrative and gave the debate a smug brush-off:

That’s the look of somebody who’s been allowed to live so far above the law for so long that her private email server has a built-in altimeter. If the GOP’s on the ball they’ll fire back with the same gif captioned “Hillary reacts to the VA scandal.” Or if they want to be particularly brutal, something like this would suffice: “What’s the difference between the Benghazi attack and the GOP debate? Hillary actually knew what was going on at the GOP debate.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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