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Former NYC mayor with multiple mansions and jets: ‘Crazies’ like Ted Cruz don’t accept climate change reality

By Doug Powers  •  November 29, 2015 11:13 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Make way for Climate Crusader!

Around 40,000 people will arrive in Paris by either bicycle, solar-powered go-cart or jet airliner for the COP21 conference that begins tomorrow. Michael Bloomberg is using the occasion to join President Obama in rebuking the real danger the world faces: Republicans like Ted Cruz:

The realities of climate change will force American deniers — or “crazies” — to accept reality, Michael Bloomberg told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

“Even the right-wing crazies no longer say climate change isn’t real,” the billionaire former mayor of New York City declared. “They say it’s natural, it’s not business, not man-made.”

“Why do they say that? Because in every one of their towns and villages and states and counties, they now have floods where they had droughts, they have droughts where they had floods, they have storms, they have tornadoes.”

Bloomberg has made fighting climate change one of his singular initiatives since he left office in 2013 after more than a decade leading the city.

“You’ve got a guy like Ted Cruz, who I think (prominent American lawyer Alan) Dershowitz said was the smartest law student he ever had, and he says some of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard.”

“The only explanation — the only explanation — is he doesn’t believe it, he’s just saying it. Ted Cruz is a smart guy and you can’t say what he says in an intelligent way.”

According to the New York Times in 2012, Bloomberg has eleven homes. Eleven. ELEVEN! He also has a fleet of private planes that he uses to get to and from those homes, as well as to arrive at “climate change” summit meetings in style. That’s the guy accusing others of not believing what they’re saying.

Here’s just one of Bloomberg’s places: A a 22,000-square-foot mansion with 11 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms with hot and cold running hypocrisy. If that’s not a glaring example of how Ted Cruz isn’t taking climate change seriously I don’t know what is!

The good news for those elite global warming alarmists like Bloomberg arriving at COP21 by jet is that the location will be easy to spot from the air thanks to fellow travelers on the ground helping convince police to set off smoke markers:

The air feels cleaner already, doesn’t it?

At the Paris climate summit, Prince Charles is expected to repeat his claims that “climate change” is the root cause of war in Syria, but the good news is that between Charles and Bloomberg they have enough floor space to house all the refugees if they so choose. After all, if huge carbon footprints caused the climate change that caused the refugee crisis, it’s the least they could do (cue crickets).

**Written by Doug Powers

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