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Out: ISIS contained, all is well — In: Hey, the DHS better update the terror alert system!

By Doug Powers  •  December 8, 2015 11:47 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

In order to address what the Obama administration is calling a “new” or “evolved” terrorist threat (which is just the old threat that has metastasized because of the NRA and climate change or something), the DHS is developing a new alert system:

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Monday his department will unveil a new national alert system in the coming days to reflect the “new phase” of the terror threat.

Johnson said his department will move to a new system that will include an intermediate terror threat. Johnson said the new alert system will reflect the current security environment when “not having a specific credible piece of intelligence specifying a plot isn’t the end of the story.”

The Obama administration’s new terror alert system might be either color-coded photos of Wayne LaPierre, or perhaps something like this:


Meanwhile, the administration and Democrats continue to wag the dog and pretend that the immediate threat is from people on the no-fly list, which isn’t the case. Well, mostly:

**Written by Doug Powers

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