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Rahm Emanuel cuts short Cuba vacay to return to Chicago & then maybe beg Obama for his old WH job back

By Doug Powers  •  December 28, 2015 09:52 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel might have picked up some quality pointers from the Castros that he can put into action when he returns to quite a mess:

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is cutting his holiday vacation short to deal with the fallout from two people being fatally shot by police the day after Christmas, just as the city is dealing with blowback from another deadly altercation.

Saturday’s shooting, which left a 55-year-old grandmother and a 19-year-old man dead, prompted some public outrage Sunday and added to the pile of questions for city officials.
Emanuel has been in Cuba on a family vacation but his spokeswoman, Kelley Quinn, released a statement today saying he is cutting the trip short to arrive back in Chicago on Tuesday afternoon.

Al Sharpton has called on Emanuel to resign as Chicago’s mayor (Al’s probably got somebody even worse in mind for the job).

Yep, it all adds up to the perfect Obama-era scandal.

**Written by Doug Powers

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