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Obama to spend 2016 wrapping up legacy as ‘The Irony President’

By Doug Powers  •  December 29, 2015 09:30 AM

**Written by Doug Powers


Fire up Air Force One and fill up the re-fueling jets, because President Obama’s going to spend the next year traversing the globe to places that haven’t yet been overrun by terrorists in order to brag about what he’s done to reduce emissions and keep ISIS contained:

President Barack Obama will be making good use of Air Force One while he still can.

Obama has asked aides to set a busy international travel schedule for him in his final year, with “half a dozen” trips already in the works and more potentially coming together. The travel will be aimed at cementing a foreign policy legacy he hopes will include the Trans-Pacific Partnership, increased attention to Asia, an opening of Latin America, progress against the Islamic State and significant global movement on climate change.

In other words, Obama’s going to spend 2016 sealing a legacy of seeking a legacy. Maybe he figures going elsewhere to do so is safer than staying in the US — after all, ISIS is all over the place there!

Obama will likely leave office incredibly disappointed that his subjects are unable to comprehend what a great job he did to combat terrorism:

In related “legacy” news, Obama’s obviously planning to play it humble at his final State of the Union address:

**Written by Doug Powers

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