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The price of legacy-building: White House admits Iran might use sanction relief funds for terrorism

By Doug Powers  •  January 21, 2016 05:48 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Opponents of the Obama administration’s nuke deal with Iran have claimed that Tehran would use some of the hundred billion dollars (or more) in sanction relief to fund terrorism. The White House addressed that accusation today, saying “Yeah, that’s pretty much what they’ll probably do”:

Well, there’s got to be some reason Iran’s still listed as a state sponsor of terrorism after 32 years. Why not unload some extra cash on ’em?

John Kerry is pretty sure Iran won’t mess around because they fear the wrath of Obama’s elite team of hashtag diplomats:

Some money from Iran’s sanctions relief is likely to go to terrorists, Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged Thursday.

Still, he said, he has yet to see that happen, adding there will be consequences if Iran uses the money to fund terrorism.

And if there’s any doubt the U.S. is taking this very seriously, according to State Department spokesmen Moe, Larry and Curly, John Kerry made sure to write “DO NOT USE TO FUND TERRORISM” in the memo section of a $1.7 billion check the Obama administration just sent to Iran.

Here’s what Josh Earnest said today:

Look for the White House to be pleasantly surprised in the coming months after Iran reports that its self-audit — conducted in their massive brand new Office of Compliance that’s tall and round and in no way resembles a nuclear reactor cooling tower — turned up no evidence that the sanction relief was used to fund terrorism.

**Written by Doug Powers

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