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Smart Power™ update: Obama admin expresses ‘disgust’ at latest move by Iranian partners in peace

By Doug Powers  •  February 10, 2016 08:33 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Just under a month ago: John Kerry thanks ‘deal partner’ Iran for releasing US sailors.

The Obama admin’s newest, bestest diplomacy buddy subsequently released propaganda photos of captured American sailors being taken into custody, including a female sailor who was made to wear a hijab.

Fast forward to this Wednesday, when Iran continued to rub Obama and Kerry’s (and America’s) nose in it:

Images of a U.S. sailor crying in custody are being broadcast on Iran’s state television as the latest propaganda salvo from the Iranian government in the wake of its provocative January arrest of 10 American sailors in their waters. The latest move prompted a condemnation from the U.S. Navy, calling the sailors’ treatment “outrageous and unacceptable.”

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting has been playing images of the arrest and detention of the sailors, riverines transiting from Bahrain to Kuwait in riverine command boats, since shortly after their Jan. 12 arrest.

The State Department is taking their usual approach: Expressing disgust while advising James Taylor not to stray too far from his phone just in case:

Through his spokesman, Kerry, who successfully finalized an international agreement with Iran over its nuclear program just days after the detainment, strongly disapproved of Iran’s decision to publish these images.

“We’ve been clear, and the secretary was clear, about our disgust at seeing the pictures and video of our sailors being used clearly for propaganda purposes,” spokesman John Kirby said in a statement to ABC News. “That remains the case with the newly released pictures and videos.”

To make matters worse, Kerry’s undersecretary in charge of strongly worded letters and ineffectual hashtags is on leave recovering from exhaustion.

All you can be sure of is that somewhere in DC there’s a meeting under way to discuss how much more money the Obama admin will have to send Tehran to get them to start acting like a “peace partner.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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