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Hillary doesn’t want press filming her boarding private charter jet; Joe Biden to appear at Oscars (a Sunday open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  February 28, 2016 10:10 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Is it Sunday already? Time for an open thread while I take advantage of the 50 degree day to go clean the garage…

Leading things off, seeing as Hillary’s called climate change “one of the most urgent threats of our time,” maybe there’s a good reason her staffers try to avoid press coverage of this kind of thing:


Yet another AGW alarmist leading by example.


Recurring nightmares have nothing on the Clintons:



Dennis Rodman told Ted Cruz that Donald Trump is “going to fire your ass.” Nothing like a quasi-endorsement from Kim Jong Un’s good buddy. Maybe Dennis is eyeing an ambassadorship under President Trump.


Having “contained” the terrorist “JV team” that is ISIS, President Obama for some reason felt the need to escalate efforts to degrade & destroy:

Obama commented after a rare meeting at the State Department with some of his top national security advisers, who updated him on the parallel efforts to counter the Islamic State group and bring peace to Syria after years of civil strife.

“I have directed my team to continue accelerating this campaign on all fronts,” Obama said, flanked by Secretary of State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and other top advisers.

With that out of the way


One presidential candidate gave a group of guys participating in the ritualistic rite of passage for a buddy who was getting married the opportunity to say the three words every man loves to yell at a bachelor party: “Hillary Clinton’s here!”


Florida Democrat Alan Grayson’s under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for a hedge fund he ran that was based out of the Cayman Islands, but the search for his self-awareness is still futile…

The wind-up:


And the pitch:

Interviews and the documents show that Mr. Grayson told potential investors in his hedge fund that they should contribute money to the fund to capitalize on the unrest he observed around the world, and to take particular advantage when there was “blood in the streets.”

The projection is strong in this progressive hypocrite.


The Academy Awards are tonight, and it seems liberal-dominated Hollywood is being protested by a bunch of liberal actors who will gather at the Dolby Theater this evening and talk about how racist Republicans are.

Joe Biden will be there to introduce Lady Gaga, and he was also asked to highlight the issue of sexual assault. No, seriously. Hopefully the academy runs a touching photo montage while Biden gives his speech.


**Written by Doug Powers

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