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Cuba to allow Obama to meet with any dissident he chooses, unless they’re ‘unavailable’ (Sunday open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  March 20, 2016 09:49 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

My Sunday afternoon is going to be a little more boring thanks to Michigan State’s upset loss on Friday that has left me now just sitting around waiting for baseball season. So how about an open thread in the meantime?

A few starters…

President Obama’s on his way to Cuba with a re-set button in tow in another attempt to force feed his “legacy.” Here are a couple of headlines that sum it up:

Earlier this month:


L.A. Times yesterday:


Gee, which one to you think is the most accurate?

Meanwhile, Che Guevara’s son hopes Obama’s visit will help Cuba’s communist leadership influence the U.S. “in a positive way.”


Right on cue:


While in Cuba you just know Obama’s people are going to find a way to bring this poster back for inclusion in his presidential library:



Proof-positive that President Obama is super-serious about doing his part to lower fossil fuel emissions:



In Arizona yesterday we learned that the road to free speech can have many obstructions:


Because of the law of unintended consequences, how many extra votes for Trump did the anti-Trump people create with that little traffic jam stunt?


In its endorsement of Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s primary, the Arizona Republic editorial board wrote this apparently without laughing:

Not just because she has risen higher than any woman in American politics, but because she is by far the most experienced candidate of any of those running in either party this year. In fact, she is one of the most experienced people to ever run for president.

Nobody doubts Hillary has “experience” — it’s at what that’s the problem.


Well, Obama was right: He promised his administration’s level of transparency would be “historic,” and he wasn’t kidding:

The Obama administration has set a new record for rejecting Freedom of Information Act requests, according to a report published Friday.

The administration censored materials or rejected requests for access in a record 596,095 cases, or 77 percent of the time, according to the annual review conducted by the Associated Press. That’s an increase of 12 percent since Obama’s first year in office.

Record-setting transparency!


Last and possibly least, Bernie Sanders, socialist, called Sheriff Joe Arpaio “un-American.”

I repeat: Bernie Sanders, socialist, called Sheriff Joe Arpaio “un-American.”


**Written by Doug Powers

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