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Michael Moore graciously informs GOP-controlled states how to keep his movies out

By Doug Powers  •  April 12, 2016 09:51 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Bruce Springsteen previously announced that he won’t perform in North Carolina, and now Michael Moore has followed suit and taken action by denying the Tar Heel State all the dollars they rake in from the “hypocrite anti-capitalists capitalizing on anti-capitalism” entertainment industry:

Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore announced Tuesday that he’s pulling his current movie from North Carolina theaters because of the state’s new LGBT law.

“I have asked my distributor NOT to book my film in any theater in North Carolina due 2 their bigoted law against LGBTQ ppl. They have agreed,” Moore tweeted Tuesday afternoon.

Moore’s film, “Where To Invade Next,” opened in February and is currently showing daily at the Carolina Theatre in Durham. The movie features Moore traveling to European countries to compare their economic and social policies with those of the U.S.

If NC’s travel & tourism board is on the ball they’re working on updating signs as we speak:


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**Written by Doug Powers

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