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John Kerry will LOVE Bono’s idea: What needs to be deployed against ISIS is … comedy

By Doug Powers  •  April 13, 2016 07:59 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Bono testified before a congressional committee about the threat of terrorism on Tuesday (yeah, we’re pretty screwed, aren’t we?).

The U2 singer provided some helpful suggestions for combating ISIS:

Rock star-turned-international philanthropist Bono said one of the best weapons the U.S. can use against radical terrorists like Islamic State is comedy, and he advises deploying Amy Schumer and Chris Rock as comedy commandos to fight guns with jokes.

The U2 front man offered his strategy during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs Subcommittee Tuesday.
“Don’t laugh, but I think comedy should be deployed,” said Bono, regarding a strategy to fight the radical Islamic ideology practiced by Islamic State and various other terrorist groups. His top choices to lead the comedic operation include Amy Schumer, Sacha Baron Cohen and Chris Rock.

Maybe Bono didn’t suggest that more singers were needed for fear of appearing to question the effectiveness of John Kerry’s proven counterterror weapon: James Taylor.

When I first read the part about how Bono thinks we should fight back against ISIS, I thought he might be joking, but it doesn’t sound like it:

Combating Islamic terrorism by recruiting lefty comedians to tell jokes about how Republicans are Islamophobic “climate change deniers” should really put a halt to ISIS!

**Written by Doug Powers

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