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Dems’ CO2 alarmism leaves Ted Cruz breathless; Bernie Sanders uses private charter for Rome trip, exhaling all the way (Open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  April 17, 2016 08:56 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Another Sunday is upon us and it’s going to be almost 80 degrees here thanks to the annual spring climate change, which means an afternoon outdoors. In the meantime, here’s a Sunday open thread brought to you today by Nike MOJO Lucky #7 golf balls, Liquid Shirt sunscreen and Happyscrapper.

Just a couple starters…

The DNC has dialed their ostracization machine up to the “Hester Prynne” setting when it comes to people who don’t automatically buy into their man-made climate change alarmism:

I can hear their latest pitch already: “What we have to do to fight climate change will leave you breathless.”

Could there be a power grab broader in scope than an attempt to regulate something essential to life as we know it? By the Dems’ “reasoning” we could also declare water to be a pollutant because if you hold your head under it long enough it’ll kill you. Keeping your head up firmly planted up your backside for an extended period of time is obviously not fatal.


Speaking of climate change, Bernie Sanders’ hypocrisy is already at presidential-level:

A day after Bernie Sanders claimed he ‘introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation’ and said he would tax carbon use, the Democratic presidential candidate chartered a Delta 767 to fly him to Rome and back for less than 24 hours.

After attacking rival Hillary Clinton for her stance on fossil fuels stepped on Thursday, Sanders stepped off the plane on Friday in Rome for the Vatican conference with his wife, ten family members, a group of campaign staff, Secret Service detail and members of the press.

The total group of what is believed to be below 50, flew in a chartered Delta 767 for their trip, which can seat between 211 and 261 people, depending on the model. It is unclear if Sanders’ aircraft had flatbed seats.

A 767 aircraft carries up to 23,980 gallons of fuel, which is ‘enough to fill 1,200 minivans’, according to Boeing.
With a range of 6,408 miles on a full tank of gas, it can be calculated that a 767 like Sanders’ flying 4,435 miles from New York to Rome uses approximately 16,596 gallons of fuel. The round-trip flight will use approximately 33,193 gallons.

On average, an American flies only 7,500 miles per year, according to AmericanForests.org, 1,360 fewer miles than Sanders’ round-trip Rome travel. Thus, an average American releases less carbon emissions via aircraft each year than Sanders did in 24 hours.

Mother Nature, Feel the Bern!

And check out the in-flight menu:

Being a socialist doesn’t mean you can’t eat like a King!

I’ll bet the chow isn’t even that extravagant on Hillary’s plane — or Trump’s for that matter.


President Obama’s weekly address yesterday was all about how his administration is working to make the “free market” more fair:

I’ve directed federal agencies to identify anti-competitive behavior in different industries, and find new and specific ways to promote competition.

Just what we need — a bunch of bureaucrats perpetuating a gigantic federal monopoly monitoring private sector competition all under the guise of maintaining a “free market.”


Speaking of the bureaucratic survival instinct, if a Republican’s elected in November, Gina McCarthy said recently the EPA and its ridiculous regulations won’t “go down without a fight.” That level of arrogance and ignorance is a bigger pollutant to the country than anything her agency regulates.


I’ll just leave this one right here: George Clooney, who hosted an event for the Hillary Victory Fund that cost $353,400 per couple, laments the “obscene amount of money” in politics.


Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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