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Enjoying the weather? It’s because climate change is ABOUT TO KILL US!

By Doug Powers  •  April 21, 2016 05:43 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

They’re really running out of ideas:




You might like “climate change” now, but wait’ll it really kicks in:

Listen to the scientists and global warming sounds scary—choking heat, flooded cities and crippling drought. But new research in the journal Nature shows that weather in the U.S. has actually improved in the past several decades for 80% of Americans, thanks in part to warming.

That’s nice if you like outdoor picnics and snowless winters, but it’s a huge problem for the people tasked with finding solutions to stem global warming and communicating them to the public. Political scientists say that Americans are less likely to see climate change as potentially catastrophic if it actually improves weather in the short-term.

But the good weather won’t last forever. Researchers found that nearly 90% of Americans will live in places where the weather will worsen by the end of the century. And that’s not to mention the climate-related natural disasters expected in the coming decades.

In other words they’re trying to convince us to give them our cars so they can pat themselves on the back for sparing us from catastrophic accidents in a few years. Then they’ll sell the cars to the government to be retrofitted for battery power, split the money with Al Gore and buy new jets.

Besides, read the above headlines again. Don’t the alarmists like to say that the “weather” and the “climate” aren’t the same?


It isn’t bad enough that every hurricane, tornado or flood is presented as “evidence” of man-made climate change, but now even the nice days are proof of looming eco-Armageddon. Sensing a little desperation?

**Written by Doug Powers

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