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Turn that frown upside-down! Hillary calls for ‘positive gangs’ (open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  April 24, 2016 08:50 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Who better to come up with a plan to fix America’s inner-cities that are crumbling because of decades of liberalism than a presidential candidate who has been a liberal for decades (not to mention under FBI investigation for months)?

First we heard about “fun camps” for adults, and now Hillary Clinton’s got a plan to combat gang violence: Turn that frown upside-down!

Hillary Clinton said that society needs to have “positive gangs” during a discussion on gun violence Thursday in Connecticut.

“You said something that is so important for people to hear. You know, joining a gang is like having a family. It’s feeling like you’re part of something bigger than yourself. So we’re either going to have gangs that murder and rob and do the things that are so destructive to the gang members and to the community,” she said. “Or, we’re going to have positive gangs. We’re going to have positive alternatives for young people.”

Hillary learned all she knows about gangs from back when she ran with the Disciples of Alinsky.

Clinton spoke the day before at a gun violence discussion in Philadelphia, where she said that American has “just too many guns.” She has increasingly sought to hit Democratic primary opponent Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) from the left on gun control.

Since Hillary always calls it “gun violence,” why doesn’t she just call for “positive guns” in addition to “positive gangs”? All I know for sure is that Hillary’s positively nuts.

We’ll also make this our Sunday open thread, so talk about whatever’s on your mind and enjoy the day!

**Written by Doug Powers

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