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DisenfranchiseMint: Ben & Jerry spending a bundle to get the money out of politics and register voters

By Doug Powers  •  May 17, 2016 01:42 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

It’s amazing that this alleged right-wing attempt to “disenfranchisement” voters can be so easily thwarted by simply registering to vote — after some prodding from Ben & Jerry, of course:

Ben & Jerry’s co-founders Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield visited North Carolina Central University in Durham to launch a national campaign that includes a new ice cream flavor, Empower Mint.

The liberal entrepreneurs are working with the North Carolina NAACP and others in an effort to promote the importance of Congress reauthorizing the Voting Rights Act and working to remove the influence of big money in politics.
“We’re here today with Rev. Barber and many others to stand up for the right to participate in our democracy, a right that so many people fought and died for,” Cohen said in a statement, referring to state NAACP President William Barber. “Since our country’s inception, many brave Americans have battled to expand voting rights and voter access for African-Americans, for women and young people, but the recent passage of restrictive policies in North Carolina takes our country backwards.”

Shouldn’t they have called it “DisenfranchiseMint”? “Apathy Twirl” might be more accurate.

Nothing says “serious about getting money out of politics” like two sexagenarian hipsters each worth about $150 million using their wealth to reach people who weren’t going to vote until an ice cream truck driver in a “Feel the Bern” shirt handed them a free cup of Empower Mint and a voter registration:

Participating Ben & Jerry’s scoop shops across the country will install kiosks to register voters. Trucks offering free scoops of Ben & Jerry’s will tour North Carolina this summer with information about the campaign and voter registration.

It seems like progressives should hyperventilate at the thought of the carbon footprint of this voter outreach, but they can look the other way if the cause is just and the ice cream is free (like college should be).

**Written by Doug Powers

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