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NBC News finds irony in NRA holding convention in ‘city plagued by gun violence’ (a detail goes unreported)

By Doug Powers  •  May 20, 2016 08:57 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

The annual NRA convention is in Louisville, Kentucky, and NBC News just couldn’t wait to tie that to a different story:


Aside from another occasion to appreciate the party of “science” using the opportunity to warn the public about self-aware angry guns that rise up and commit “violence” on their own, something went completely unmentioned in NBC News’ story: Which party’s been in charge of the “city plagued by gun violence” for a long time:


That’s probably just another coincidence to the MSM, just like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, etc. How guns know to be more “violent” in cities that have been under Dem purview for decades is anybody’s guess.

**Written by Doug Powers

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