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Yosemite Nat’l Park hosts climate change lecture from Smoggy the Bear; Vin Scully not feeling the Bern (Open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  June 19, 2016 09:14 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Happy Father’s Day, fellow dads!

Here’s our weekly open thread for talk about anything you’d like, with a couple starter topics to kick things off…


Who’s up for a climate change lecture delivered at Yosemite National Park by a president who got there with a private 747, several helicopters and a few dozen vehicle motorcade?

Barack Obama warned on Saturday that climate change could ravage many of America’s vaunted national parks, criticizing political opponents who “pay lip service” to areas of natural beauty while opposing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Obama said: “We can’t treat it like it’s someone else’s problem, it shouldn’t lead to careless suggestions that we don’t get serious about carbon emissions or that we scrap an international treaty that we spent years putting together to deal with this.

He’s from the government and he’d like to have a word with you about your excessive carbon footprint:


The animals now refer to him as Smoggy the Bear.

Obama also said “the parks belong to all of us.” Well, not ALL the time:



Broadcasting legend Vin Scully said possibly the best non-baseball related thing ever said during a game Friday night — socialism summed up in 20 seconds:

Feel the Bern!


The Department of Homeland Security is going to combat Islamic extremism with a pricey sensitivity offensive:

A new Department of Homeland Security report urges rejecting use of Islamic terms such as “jihad” and “sharia” in programs aimed at countering terrorist radicalization among American youth.

The Homeland Security Advisory Council report recommends that the department focus on American milliennials by allocating up to $100 million in new funding. It also urges greater private sector cooperation, including with Muslim communities, to counter what is described as a “new generation of threats to the Homeland related to the threat of violent extremism.”

What could possibly go wrong?


If you ask me, Hillary Clinton should brag more about her husband’s skill as a multi-tasker.


Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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