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Move over, ‘climate change,’ because Brexit’s already the new multi-purpose scapegoat (open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  June 26, 2016 11:02 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

It’s Sunday open thread time, and here are a few matches to light the fuse on this particular candle…

The Brexit vote was Thursday, and just a couple days later it’s already responsible for countless deaths, massive destruction, misery and general psychological damage:


In other words, everything that goes wrong in Europe from here on in is the fault of Brexit.

Big questions remain: Will climate change be blamed for Brexit, will Brexit be blamed for climate change, or will xenophobia be blamed for climate change and Brexit? Put me down for “all of the above.”


Speaking of Brexit, hardly anybody in the mainstream media is talking about the “Obama effect”:


This really did the trick!


There’s another “meet Hillary” contest under way, and you’ll have to drop a lot of Hamiltons for this one:

Hillary Clinton supporters will get a chance to see the hit musical “Hamilton” if they’re willing to pay prices that are breathtaking even by Broadway standards.

Tickets for a special matinee July 12 to benefit her campaign start at $2,700 each, while $10,000 will get a “premium seat” that includes a photo session with Clinton.

The campaign website says that for $100,000 people can get a deal that includes two premium seats, a “wrap party” with Clinton “and other special guests” plus other benefits.

“For the people!” Funny they’re doing all this in the name of the Founding Father who called for a “just, limited federal government.” But just to make Hillary feel more mainstream, the Hamilton director is adding a scene showing Alexander arguing why he shouldn’t have to release his First Bank speech transcripts.

Meanwhile, for just $100 in singles you can enter a contest to go off-off Broadway with Bill Clinton to see “Bunny Ranch: The Musical.”


Hillary still has a lead over Trump, depending on which polls you believe, if any:


These polls have a margin of error of plus or minus Hillary’s indictment.


George Will’s out of the Republican Party. He’ll probably explain why in greater detail with a very complex baseball metaphor.


You can’t make this up:


Good thing we’ve had a president who has avoided that optic for the past seven and a half years!


And of course right on cue Sunday afternoon:


Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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