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John Kerry: It’d be easier to rule you idiots if there weren’t so many TV channels, or something

By Doug Powers  •  August 31, 2016 08:34 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If you’re keeping score at home, John Kerry has blamed the spread of terrorism during this administration’s watch on the media for mentioning it too much, and later in the week he laid out the progressive case for nuking the headquarters of Dish Network and Xfinity:

“It is harder today to build consensus around an issue than it used to be,” Kerry explained. “When I was growing up in America … we also had only three major, four major television stations in the United States.”

“So when I was a college student, the president of the United States, somebody from the press office would call the media, one or two networks, and say, ‘The president wants to talk to the nation tonight,'” he said. “They’d block out a half-hour, and that was it. Everybody watched it.”

He said the next day, everyone would be talking about what the president said. But today, Kerry said, everyone can pick and choose their own way to get news, which he said makes it harder to find common ground.

“That doesn’t happen today,” he said. “If a president wants to talk to the nation, he or she has to go out and fight to find all kinds of different venues, which is why the president of the United States goes on “The View” and goes on David Letterman and goes on the night show and goes on whatever — in order to be able to talk to people in segments.”

“And it takes a lot longer to build it up, and you still have trouble getting people to be able assimilate and process facts,” Kerry added.

“Diplomacy” (defined by Kerry as “you agreeing with me with no questions asked”) was so much less tumultuous back when there was no television, like during the Revolutionary War, or Civil War, or World War I or World War II.

**Written by Doug Powers

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