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Cavalcade of ‘coincidences’: Here’s more on Hillary’s private email that Obama learned about from the news

By Doug Powers  •  October 25, 2016 11:27 AM

**Written by Doug Powers


Well, well, well

A top Hillary Clinton aide expressed alarm in early 2015 that President Barack Obama claimed he was unaware of Clinton’s private email server until he learned about it in the news.

“We need to clean this up – he has emails from her – they do not say state.gov,” said Clinton adviser Cheryl Mills in a hacked email posted Tuesday on WikiLeaks.

Here are two emails that seem especially relevant for a reason I’ll get to in a second:


Yeah, that last one’s from the same Cheryl Mills the FBI director allowed to be present as Hillary’s “legal counsel” during her questioning.

Add it all up and get a load of this coincidental timeline:

  • March 4, 2015: A House panel subpoenaed Hillary Clinton’s email
  • March 7, 2015: “We need to clean this up” was emailed among Team Hillary after Obama told CBS News that same day he learned about her private email from a news report
  • On or about March 12, 2015: Emails show the Obama administration jumping in to help Hillary handle the fallout
  • “Sometime between March 25 and 31, 2015”: An employee of the company maintaining Hillary’s server “deleted the Clinton archive mailbox from the PRN server and used BleachBit to delete the exported .PST files he had created on the server system containing Clinton’s e-mails.”
  • All that within about three weeks.

    If asked, FBI super-sleuth James Comey is expected to react this way:


    **Written by Doug Powers

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