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Allow Obama to describe how his admin’s denial about terrorists’ motivations has kept US homeland safe

By Doug Powers  •  December 7, 2016 02:36 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

In Tampa yesterday, President Obama pointed out how his administration’s strategy of denial, extreme parsing and “shock & awe” levels of motive-dodging have left him with an impeccable domestic counterterrorism legacy:

Obama’s defense of his record is largely built around the crises he avoided, the large number of troops he brought home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the terrorist attacks that did not happen on his watch.

“No foreign terrorist organization has successfully planned and executed an attack on our homeland, and it is not because they didn’t try,” Obama said.

That’s such a stretch that the White House made this tweet out of bungee cord and Lycra and it still snapped:


It depends on what your definition of “organization” is.


Obama went on to say that many of the attacks in the U.S. that he’s still trying to sort out the motives for were by domestic lone wolves radicalized online. In other words, the Obama White House isn’t going to consider a “foreign terrorist organization” to be responsible for an attack in the U.S. unless the terrorist is apprehended carrying an ISIS membership card and was spotted going to meetings in Raqqa — and even then it still could be the NRA’s fault.

**Written by Doug Powers

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