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New York Times, Washington Post in heated battle over which paper woke up fastest from 8-year hibernation

By Doug Powers  •  February 23, 2017 07:23 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

On Sunday I mentioned the Washington Post’s ominous new motto, “Democracy Dies in Darkness”:


That replaced what had been the paper’s maxim since 2009: “Yeah But It’s Probably Nothing.”

Not to be outdone, the New York Times is going to launch a new ad campaign during Sunday night’s “Anti-Trump Rants Along With a Few Awards About Movies” telecast. The Times is attempting to eclipse the Post’s “Democracy Dies in Darkness” with “The Truth is More Important Now Than Ever”:

The New York Times will run its first-ever advertising during the Academy Awards this Sunday with a spot that appears to target the Trump administration titled “The Truth.”

The ad lists conflicting statements that all start with three words, “The truth is.”
The ad ends with words in bold: “The truth is hard/the truth is hard to know/the truth is more important than ever.

They’ll do anything to get Meryl Streep to subscribe for home delivery.

However, the Washington Post just scored a bonus MSM-style “journalism” point by hiring John Podesta. Your move, NYT!

**Written by Doug Powers

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