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Oh my: Cecile Richards describes how to say ‘I love you, mom’ on Mother’s Day (open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  May 14, 2017 09:14 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

First off, happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! Sunday open thread, Mother’s Day edition, is now open for business. A few things to get rolling…

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without an obscene lack of self-awareness from one of the main abortion cheerleaders on the Left:


How these people live with themselves is anybody’s guess:

So this Mother’s Day, instead of taking your mom out to brunch or sending chocolate, commit to fighting for a government that recognizes that women deserve basic human rights and protections — including the right to decide when and whether to become a mom.

Seems to me Richards is leaving somebody out of her pool of those who “deserve basic human rights.” Gee, I wonder why.


Friday and Saturday saw quite a dichotomy in commencement speech topics. President Trump delivered the commencement at Liberty University and the basic message was work hard, believe in yourself and don’t listen to people who tell you something can’t be done:


On Friday, Elizabeth Warren spoke to Univ. of Maryland grads and had, well, a different sort of tone:


Dances With Identity Fraud basically blamed record high student loan debt on Wall Street greed and implored grads to go out into the world and bitch about it! How inspiring:

During a commencement speech at the University of Massachusetts Friday, Warren told students that decisions made by state and federal lawmakers “heavily influenced” the amount of student loans they’ll have to pay.

“As a practical matter, how much you owe and who has access [to education], is set, in part, by a handful of people who, in a democracy, are supposed to answer directly to you,” Warren said.

So, she implored students to get involved.

“I am not here to make a pitch just to Democrats or to Republicans …. Libertarians, vegetarians, Big Mac-atarians,” Warren said. “Your elected officials are increasingly working only for a few — the very wealthy few — and if that doesn’t change soon, then this country will fundamentally change.”

“Is Wall Street demanding you pay back that hundred grand you borrowed to get a widget anthropology degree? TAKE TO THE STREETS!”

Too bad when Warren was making a few hundred grand teaching a class at Harvard she didn’t open her paycheck one day only to find a note reading, “sorry, but we were agitated into not paying you this week but we promise to pass the savings along to the students.”


A high school in North Carolina recalled its yearbook because this appeared as one student’s favorite quote. I kid you not:


The place is probably still on lockdown:

“Earlier this week, it was discovered by school administration that Richmond Early College yearbooks had errors and inappropriate comments,” the school district said on Facebook Tuesday. “The principal immediately collected the distributed yearbooks.”

The school district apologized and said it was working on making corrections with the yearbook publisher.
“Only a handful of annuals were distributed before the mistake was discovered by the principal,” Thublin said in a statement. “Those were taken back up the same morning and the rest were not distributed.”

I sure hope they make counselors available so any affected students or teachers can work through a traumatic experience that’s sure to haunt them for years.




The kid was wearing a MAGA hat so Comey’s not going to actually eat them. It’s true because one of the many “anonymous sources” that are now available in such great abundance told me.

If at future congressional hearings Comey doesn’t say anything helpful to the Dems’ election narrative they’ll be back to hating him again.

Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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