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Nancy Pelosi’s 1st Amendment class in IN SESSION (open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  August 27, 2017 10:32 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Another Sunday is upon us, and with it another open thread for whatever’s on your mind. First of all thoughts and prayers are with everybody in the areas affected by catastrophic flooding in Texas. Stay safe! (UPDATE: I think the comments are back up. For some reason the “allow comments” box got unchecked)

Among the few starter stories, lets kick it off with a lesson in the limits of the First Amendment, courtesy of America’s leading constitutional scholar, Nancy Pelosi:

When the interviewer, Pam Moore, pressed Pelosi to consider Patriot Prayer’s First Amendment rights, Pelosi responded, “The Constitution does not say that a person can yell wolf in a crowded theater. If you are endangering people, then you don’t have a constitutional right to do that.”

Can’t yell “Wolf” in a crowded theater? Hardest hit:


Pelosi would also consider saying these things in a crowded theater to be unprotected by the First Amendment:

–“Obamacare tripled by premium and deductible!”

–“Hey Nancy, didn’t your father help dedicate a Confederate monument?”

–“Didn’t you used to be the House Speaker?”


Hurricane Harvey has helped former DNC head and CNN analyst Donna Brazile show that she’s got Trump all figured out:

They really do think Trump is C. Montgomery Burns but worse.

A major hurricane hadn’t made U.S. landfall in around a decade because of an agreement signed last year? Science! And speaking of “misdeeds”


Some Republicans have criticized President Trump’s pardon of Joe Arpaio, including Rep. Paul Ryan, Sen. Jeff Flake and Sen. John McCain. Dems are especially thankful that McCain has taken their side — again.


How’d you like to live out your days known only as “pepper balls”? Here’s the crotch shot felt ’round-the-world:

Yes, there’s a price to pay for trying to throw a tear gas canister back at the police:


Here’s a modern-day NFL ballet in just three short acts:







Have a good Sunday all, and stay safe down in Texas!

**Written by Doug Powers

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