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Dem senator suggests better way to ‘fund disasters’ (what could go wrong?)

By Doug Powers  •  August 29, 2017 08:57 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Now that the Senate’s debating legislation to help fund rescue and disaster recovery efforts in Texas, the MSM, Dems (and at least one Republican) have been critical of Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn’s 2012 vote against a Superstorm Sandy relief package. What they’re not pointing out is that the issue was with unrelated pork added to the bill and not enough money was in the form of direct aid.

Democrat U.S. senator from Connecticut, Chris Murphy, wants to cut through disaster funding red tape this way:


What could possibly go wrong? I’ve become so jaded by politicians that my brain immediately translated that to “Town drunks ask for keys to local tavern.”

If Murphy & the lefty media want to talk about who the real jerks are in Congress maybe they should focus on the ones who take advantage of horrible situations to jam unrelated spending into relief packages. Follow the pork.


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**Written by Doug Powers

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