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Headlines that never die: ‘You can buy access to Hillary Clinton’

By Doug Powers  •  August 31, 2017 09:48 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

If you want to have direct access to Hillary Clinton, you’ll still have to pay. I only wanted to point this out because in times of trouble and turmoil it’s nice to be reminded that, even though the world is changing rapidly, there are still some things that remain totally unaffected:

Those seeking access to Hillary Clinton during her fall book tour should be prepared to fork over some serious cash because VIP tickets for the events come with a steep asking price.

The former Democratic presidential candidate will embark on a cross-country tour, that will also take her to Canada, to promote her forthcoming memoir “What Happened,” and in some cases she is seeking over $2,000 for a “VIP platinum ticket.

So a VIP ticket in the U.S. will run two grand, but the price might be adjusted for the Canadian dollar on the far north swing of Hillary’s book tour:

Those tickets will cost $2,375.95 for her Sept. 28 talk in Toronto. For that price, two attendees will be able to sit in the front row, receive a signed copy of the book that chronicles her campaign against Donald Trump, and take a photo with her backstage.

Also, unreliable sources tell me that for an extra $1,500, Clinton fans in Canada can have a pic taken with Hillary holding their autographed copy of “What Happened” while she’s wearing Wayne Gretzky jersey. Just ask for the “Slapshot Package” and Hillary’s people will accommodate you (pending credit check).

**Written by Doug Powers

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