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2020 or bust: Let MSM’s attempt to connect Elizabeth Warren with middle America commence!

By Doug Powers  •  September 4, 2017 02:59 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Somebody at the Boston Globe is lobbying hard for a major campaign role in a certain progressive’s 2020 presidential run. Middle America, here she comes:


If Warren throws her headdress into the 2020 ring, brace for a bitter clinger outreach like no other:

Warren is well known for her acrid take on Wall Street money power, on the Trump presidency, and on all the forces in American life that, in her view, deny equal opportunity to all. Much less well known is Warren’s relationship with God.

The senator’s personal religious views are part of her life that few if any of her supporters or detractors think of when they contemplate the Massachusetts lawmaker, who has built a national reputation on the strength of her populism and is on many political observers’ short list of likely 2020 White House contenders.

But religious leaders who have known her since her first run for public office say her Christian faith is a constant, if quiet, presence in her life, that it is deep and authentic, and informs her work as a senator.

One of these things is not like the other:



All that will be reconciled in some ridiculous way if Warren decides to run. The Boston Globe also had Warren’s back during the Native American controversy.

**Written by Doug Powers

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