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Hillary Clinton asks country to ‘put politics aside’ and blame NRA for mass shooting

By Doug Powers  •  October 2, 2017 04:54 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

Hillary Clinton’s tweeted comments following the mass shooting in Las Vegas Sunday night started out OK:

If she would have stopped there, it would have been a decent statement, but this is Hillary Clinton we’re talking about. Before any investigation has taken place, Clinton not only put some blame on the NRA, but created a hypothetical scenario under which she claims it might have been worse:

Also, as Hillary rules dictate, she can’t say anything without the requisite hypocrisy:

Hillary’s three tweets shortened: “We grieve for victims of the horrific shooting that’s the NRA’s fault, and please remember not to politicize this tragedy while blaming the NRA.” That’s pretty deplorable, to use a word she likes.

**Written by Doug Powers

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