Prog-style ‘cost analysis’ of extra births if 20 week abortion ban passes vs. DREAMers

**Written by Doug Powers

Here are three headlines touting the economic benefits of providing permanent legal status to people who entered or were brought into the country illegally…

ABC News:

Bloomberg View:

Business Insider:

But hold on a minute! The arrival of more people isn’t always a boon to the economy. What if those “new arrivals” are domestic?

Well that’s a different story altogether:

Planned Parenthood and NARAL are going to be all over this CBO analysis of what happens if abortions after 20 weeks are banned:

CBO estimates that enacting H.R. 36 would increase direct spending, primarily for Medicaid in order to cover the costs of additional births under the act. Because the number of abortions that would be averted due to the act is very uncertain, the extent of that additional Medicaid spending is also very uncertain. Depending on the number of additional births under H.R. 36, such Medicaid costs could range from about $65 million over the next 10 years to about $335 million over that period. Using an assumption that, under the act, about three-quarters of the abortions that would occur 20 weeks or more after fertilization under current law would instead occur earlier, and the remaining one-quarter would not occur so those pregnancies would be taken to term, CBO estimates that federal spending for Medicaid would rise by $175 million over the 2018-2027 period.

I can see the lefty ads already: “Support late term abortion and illegal immigration — don’t you care about the deficit?”

**Written by Doug Powers

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