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No credits for you! Hollywood starts process of pretending Weinstein never happened

By Doug Powers  •  October 10, 2017 09:40 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

As the Harvey Weinstein story gets worse and worse, the “denial” phase is now under way in Hollywood:

The name Harvey Weinstein is being purged from Hollywood.

On Monday, Deadline reported that The Weinstein Company is removing Weinstein’s executive producer credit from any TV series he’s worked on, and plans to wipe it from upcoming movie releases.

“So it is written, so it shall be done.”

Striking Weinstein’s name is way more about the rest of Hollywood trying to make themselves feel better about ignoring his behavior for years — no, decades — than it is about punishing Weinstein. Well, they’re in the acting business, so they shouldn’t have any trouble pretending it never happened.

Even the company Weinstein co-founded might be re-named:

The outlet also reports that TWC is auditioning ad agencies to change its company name altogether.

Instead of “The Weinstein Company,” how about “The Really Nervous Potted Plant Corp.” or “We saw Nothing, Inc.”?

As bad as this looks for those in Hollywood who never miss an opportunity to point fingers at everybody to their political right and accusing them of a “war on women,” by the time the next Academy Awards rolls around I’d bet anything that the Hollywood Left will be painting themselves as heroes for purging their own ranks and challenging Republicans to do same.

Meryl Streep said of Weinstein, “The behavior is inexcusable, but the abuse of power familiar.” Uh huh…

Hypocrites in the house, stand up!


If they want to see sexual predator enablers, all the Hollywood Left need to do is look in a mirror, and fortunately in those are plentiful in self-obsessed Tinseltown.

**Written by Doug Powers

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