What happened!? Pelosi, Mook ready to leave 2016 behind. Now.

**Written by Doug Powers

After Hillary Clinton’s election loss, her campaign quickly released a “Trump colluded with Russia” narrative that so many in the media were happy to run with. Nancy Pelosi and Clinton’s former campaign manager Robby Mook were among those who kept the talking point alive over the course of (much of) the ensuing year:

But then Donna Brazile’s book came out in which she accused the Hillary Clinton camp of basically having colluded with the DNC to block any chance Bernie Sanders might have had of winning the nomination.

Guess what happened next: Time to move on!

MOOK: I feel like all this is water under the bridge. And Donna Brazile has served our party for 30 years. She’s been a champion for Democrats. It was my honor and my privilege to work with her as chair of our party. I look forward to working with Donna –COOPER: Do you think it was appropriate for her to do that about a town hall question? MOOK: I don’t honestly know the specifics of it. It sounds like CNN looked into it and took action as they saw fit. But again, Anderson, I’m not just interested in these things in the past. This is why we got to move beyond 2016. We have a governor’s election less than a week away in Virginia. We’ve got critical midterm elections.

What say you now, Rep. Pelosi? Time to dig deep into the allegations in Brazile’s book and reveal exactly who and where the real “collusion” existed? Rep. Pelosi!?

Listen carefully and in the background you can hear the entire Democrat 2016 loss narrative collapsing.

**Written by Doug Powers

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