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Pelosi: Don’t draw conclusions about Conyers until he’s done investigating himself

By Doug Powers  •  November 26, 2017 10:40 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

Remember when Democrats cheered when Hillary Clinton said during the campaign that women with accusations against men should be “heard and believed” while Bill coughed and slowly backed out of the room? You won’t be surprised to know those “rules” have changed now that more Dems have been accused. The office of Rep. John Conyers shelled out nearly $30,000 in taxpayer funds to settle a sexual harassment allegation in 2014 (taxpayers are so involuntarily generous that way) but this morning, Nancy Pelosi was in no rush to judgment:

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi on Sunday urged “due process” before making conclusions about Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., following accusations of sexual harassment, saying the 27-term Congressman is “an icon” who has worked to protect women.

“We are strengthened by due process. Just because someone is accused – and was it one accusation? Is it two?” Pelosi said on “Meet The Press.”

The sudden concern for “due process” involving sexual harassment allegations is a fast 180-degree turn coming from the side that recently got the runs over Betsy DeVos rescinding the Obama admin’s Title IX guidance. And what’s Pelosi’s idea of “due process” in this case? She wants America to wait for John Conyers to review all the evidence against John Conyers before drawing any conclusions:

“John Conyers is an icon in our country. He has done a great deal to protect women – Violence Against Women Act, which the left – right-wing – is now quoting me as praising him for his work on that, and he did great work on that,” she added. “But the fact is, as John reviews his case, which he knows, which I don’t, I believe he will do the right thing.”

In other words, “If Conyers’ investigation of himself turns up any wrongdoing I’m sure he’ll step down.” I also really enjoy the “fellow traveler” clause in the rulebook of liberal leniency, where a serial bank robber would be excused from punishment provided he gave some of the money he stole to left-wing organizations.

And what Pelosi interview would be complete without a moon shot of feigned ignorance?

When asked specifically whether she believes the accusations against Conyers, Pelosi said, “I do not know who they are. Do you? They have not really come forward.”

See how the game works?

1) Set up system to secretly pay off accusers.
2) Make accusers sign non-disclosure agreements.
3) Pretend accusations aren’t credible because accusers didn’t come forward.

Pelosi likely knows all about the slush fund for congressional pervs and watching her play the Sgt. Schultz routine about it is more laughable than “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”:

Pelosi spent years railing against the Right’s so-called “war on women” but when the s**t comes down real close to home she sounds like she’s auditioning to be Harvey Weinstein’s attorney.

As for Conyers, he’s hoping a symbolic and temporary gesture will make things go away:

Pelosi will now say he’s held himself accountable and it’s time for everybody to move on.


Perhaps Team Pelosi sensed her Meet the Press interview was a train wreck, because they put out this cover afterward:

What a huge pile of CYA bullcrap. Do you know who should be under ethics investigation as enablers of that behavior? The entirety of congressional leadership — because there’s a system in place in Congress that allows for the use of taxpayer dollars to pay off and hush people with harassment complaints. The complicity undoubtedly runs deep, and watching Pelosi try to act shocked by it all is hilarious.

**Written by Doug Powers

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