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Actors at Golden Globes to protest harassment by wearing Weinstein’s favorite shades of black

By Doug Powers  •  December 29, 2017 05:01 AM

**Written by Doug Powers

If you’re a male actor in Hollywood looking for a way to protest your entire industry turning a blind eye for decades to sexual assault while fellow lefties climbed atop award show soapboxes to lecture the rest of the world about morality and ethics, what do you do? Well, since “boycotting self-congratulatory award shows” seems to be totally out of the question, Plan B is apparently “pretend your tuxedo is a political statement”:

Male actors have decided to join forces with their female peers who will protest sexual harassment by wearing black to the 2018 Golden Globes.

A number of high profile actors including Dwayne Johnson, Tom Hiddleston and Armie Hammer will sport black on the Globes red carpet according to their stylist Ilaria Urbinanti.

After receiving many questions on the matter, Urbinanti took to Instagram to confirm the fashion news.

“YES the men WILL be standing in solidarity with women on this wearing all-black movement to protest against gender inequality at this year’s Golden Globes. At least ALL MY GUYS will be,” celebrity stylist Ilaria Urbinanti wrote last week on Instagram.

They don’t have the stones to show video of Meryl Streep referring to Harvey Weinstein as a “god,” so “hey let’s wear black clothes while we hand each other awards” is the only wrench left in the toolbox. And that gesture is especially empty considering Harvey Weinstein’s affinity for dark attire.

Prediction: We’ll see this red carpet interview on Golden Globe Awards night:

“WHO are you wearing?”

“I’m cloaked in dark threads of protest against patriarchal aggression that has infected our industry.”

::blank stare::

“Armani. It’s Armani.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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