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Poll: What’s the dumbest ‘climate change’ hot take of the year (so far)?

By Doug Powers  •  January 8, 2018 08:51 PM

**Written by Doug Powers

We’re just over a week into 2018, and already there are at least three (I’m sure there are more) seriously stupid and desperate climate change alarms being sounded.

First off, Scientific American poses a possibility for what might have triggered the Iran protests:

Yeah, that’s what it must be. They’ll do anything to sell a subscription to John Kerry.

Next we have Al Gore, who after spending years warning about warmer winters, said he (and his eco-alarmist buddy) predicted winter deep freezes all along:

Somebody check the oxygen mixture on the Goracle’s private jet.

Finally, Newsweek sinks what tiny remaining bit of credibility it might have had in order to explain why reality isn’t matching up to the predictions:

Newsweek’s desperation to keep pushing the AGW alarmist snake oil when reality doesn’t cooperate has caused these idiots to turn “science” into a spoof disaster movie written by Jim Abrahams and the Zucker brothers.

I don’t do polls much (if at all), but what the hell. Which whiffle-brained climate change “science” lunacy is dumber? Place your bets!


There are probably others from the last few days that I overlooked, and if so I blame climate change — of course.

**Written by Doug Powers

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