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Beware the rape allegation bandwagon

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 18, 2017 08:44 AM

Beware the rape allegation bandwagon by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2017 “#MeToo” is the social media meme of the moment. In a 24-hour period, the phrase was tweeted nearly a half million times and posted on Facebook 12 million times. Spearheaded by actress Alyssa Milano in the wake of Hollyweird’s Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment […]

NY Times: Economy’s getting better, and here’s how that might kill you

By Doug Powers  •  October 18, 2017 07:16 AM

Even good news is bad news in the Trump era

Dare to dream: ‘Constitutional law expert’ lays out Hillary’s path to the WH

By Doug Powers  •  October 17, 2017 01:37 PM

Don’t stop believing

‘Take a knee’ reaches city council level

By Doug Powers  •  October 17, 2017 09:34 AM


Shiv-alry is not dead: Hillary says WH hopes got shanked by Comey

By Doug Powers  •  October 16, 2017 09:49 PM

A “shiv” made in Russia, no doubt

John Kerry, Susan Rice very concerned that Trump’s treating Iran unfairly

By Doug Powers  •  October 16, 2017 03:39 PM

Sticking up for the world’s #1 state sponsor of terror

Jane Fonda, last month’s ‘feminist hero’ for slamming Trump, now sorry about something

By Doug Powers  •  October 15, 2017 10:14 AM

Highly selective outrage

Impeachment of Trump is taking too long so Larry Flynt’s getting involved

By Doug Powers  •  October 14, 2017 02:22 PM

Weinstein out, Flynt in

Hillary: We need *open & honest sexual assault discussion (*that does NOT mention Bill)

By Doug Powers  •  October 13, 2017 09:31 PM

BleachBit for your history book!

Here’s a Weinstein talking point just waiting to be picked up by the left

By Doug Powers  •  October 13, 2017 02:40 PM

Binders full of BS