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Beclowned: Michael Moore threatens to boycott Connecticut over Lieberman

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 16, 2009 09:10 PM

Nutroots hero Michael Moore sent the state of Connecticut a boycott threat and demanded that voters there recall Joe Lieberman over health care. His Tweet: People of Connecticut: What have u done 2 this country? We hold u responsible. Start recall of Lieberman 2day or we’ll boycott your state. One itty-bitty problem: Connecticut has no […]

James Wolcott: Beclowned

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 16, 2009 12:09 PM

Watch this. Liberal toady James Wolcott argues that since he didn’t see big Tea Party crowds on his favorite left-wing tv stations and didn’t read front-page stories about the protests in his favorite left-wing newspapers, they weren’t newsworthy and no one really turned out except at the ones Fox News covered. C-SPAN host Susan Swain […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  February 20, 2007 03:05 PM

Glenn Reynolds takes on unhinged critics: “It’s not only important to have the right opinions — it’s important to have them at the right time.” HEH. *See Tim Blair for the etymology of “beclowning.” (Whoops! Link corrected.)

The ululations of radical college crybabies

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 20, 2015 06:32 AM

The ululations of radical college crybabies by Michelle Malkin Creators SyndicateCopyright 2015 Deray McKesson, the professional agitator whose racial rabble-rousing began at tax-subsidized Teach for America, proudly unveiled his new enterprise on the Internet Thursday: A website chronicling “THE DEMANDS” of his radical brothers and sisters on college campuses across Northern America. “We recently launched […]

The Black Brunch brats

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 7, 2015 08:48 AM

America’s social justice movement has reached a critical turning point. The left’s bravest young warriors for change have turned … back to 1989 and borrowed costumes from Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” music video. Clad in black-ops black from head to toe with fists held high, stylin’ members of the so-called “Black Brunch” brigade look like […]

Welcome to the Democrat Party’s civil war

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 18, 2009 09:24 AM

Welcome to the Democrat Party’s civil war by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2009 Seems like only yesterday the Washington establishment had proclaimed the Death of the GOP. Pundits churned out public autopsy reports faster than the L.A. County Medical Examiner. Liberals gloated over the supposedly irreparable fissures between right-wing populists and Beltway Republican elites. […]

Standing up to a CNN clown

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 16, 2009 04:03 PM

In case you missed it: Founding Bloggers was on the scene after beclowned CNN antagonist Susan Roesgen hectored Tea Party protesters. Watch it. Update: Looks like site may be down. Here’s the vid: *** More on her hackery at Hot Air.

CNN beclowns itself

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 16, 2009 12:42 AM

Call the wah-mbulance. So, the Tea Party protests are “not fit for family viewing” according to one very unhappy CNN reporter, Susan Roesgen, who also fumes over what she calls an “offensive” anti-Obama sign that compares Obama to a fascist. (And yes, I told you this was going to happen.) But guess what? Newsbusters caught […]

Malkin’s year-in-review: Notable quotables, Pt I.

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 28, 2007 11:42 AM

A Yale professor named “Don’t tase me, bro” as the most memorable phrase of 2007 last week. Here’s the first of my two-part list of obvious and not-so-obvious notable quotables, words, headlines, and phrases of the year. Part I covers January through June. Part II will cover July through December. January: “Obscene amenities.” – WaPo […]

Oxford Word of the Year

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 12, 2007 11:55 PM

Look it up.