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Blame George Washington for misogynist rap!…Plus: Malik Shabazz impersonates Snoop Dogg

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 12, 2007 09:50 PM

Hoo-boy. That was a fun, wild ride. Here are the video highlights and lowlights of my first of two guest host stints on The O’Reilly Factor. Tonight’s show replays at 11pm Eastern. I’ll be back tomorrow night. In a nutshell: One Opio Sokoni informs us it’s all the Founding Fathers’ fault that hip-hop “artists” treat […]

Canada turns away Malik Zulu Shabazz

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 15, 2007 06:05 PM

Not welcome A Border Patrol tipster e-mailed me about this earlier today. New Black Panther Party blowhard Malik Zulu Shabazz was turned away by Canada for his hate-mongering views: The leader of the U.S.-based New Black Panther Party, whose invitation to Toronto angered Jewish groups, was denied entry into the country Tuesday morning, the Black […]

Whitewashing black racism; Shabazz: “Prepare for war”

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 9, 2010 10:35 AM

My column today blasts the MSM for its silence over the black racial demagogues of the New Black Panther Party and its ilk. Before I get to the column, some context: Longtime readers and viewers know I go way back with the poisonous race hustlers of the New Black Panther Party. Two months after the […]

The Ferguson feeding frenzy

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 20, 2014 06:59 AM

The Ferguson feeding frenzy by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright 2014 The most poisonous “-ism” now infecting Ferguson, Missouri, is not virulent racism. It’s viral narcissism. Over the past two weeks, the impoverished St. Louis County suburb has become a magnet for self-absorbed publicity seekers of all colors and agendas. Perhaps the most repulsive species […]

New Black Panthers call for race war — again

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 9, 2012 09:34 AM

The ever-vigilant crew at Breitbart.com brings us audio of the New Black Panther Party’s planning call for today’s supposed “Day of Action” (or rather, inaction). Listen as the organizers call on their troops to get “suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we’re in that has never ended” against “honkies, these crackers, […]

New Black Panther thugs head back to polls; Democrat panelist blocks Civil Rights Commish report

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 29, 2010 07:24 PM

They’re baaaaaaack. Before the Philly New Black Panther Party radicals showed up at a voting booth in 2008 with billy clubs and racial epithets at the ready, my old nemesis Malik Shabazz — the NBPP thug-in-chief — put out a nationwide warning. Remember? “We will be at the polls in the cities and counties in […]

Beware: SEIU’s Purple Army marches on Massachusetts

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 15, 2010 11:21 AM

All aboard.

Underreported stories of 2009

By Michelle Malkin  •  January 1, 2010 12:11 PM

My column takes a look at a trio of under-reported stories of 2009. It was hard to pick just three, of course. FoxNews.com has its own list here. What’s on your list? Related end-of-year notes: A few of my Cone of Shame 2009 awards. *** Under-reported stories of 2009 by Michelle Malkin Creators Syndicate Copyright […]

Another racial hoax crime with the New Black Panther Party seal of approval

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 21, 2009 12:02 PM

And the hoax crimes just keep on piling up. The latest recanting took place in West Virginia: Seven people pleaded guilty for their part in abusing Megan Williams — but now Williams says that abuse never happened. She will hold a press conference Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio, to recant her claims of abuse, attorney Byron […]

The New Black Panther Party's teachable moments on race

By Michelle Malkin  •  August 2, 2009 06:49 PM

Here’s a White House beer summit invite list I’d like to see: *New Black Panther Party thugs Malik Shabazz, King Samir Shabazz, and Jerry Jackson; *The Department of Justice trial team that successfully won default judgments against the NBPP for their Election Day voter thug tactics in Philadelphia last fall; *The poll workers and election […]