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Media finds hot new angle for sounding global warming alarm in Trump era

By Doug Powers  •  August 8, 2017 11:37 AM

The “leak” that wasn’t very leaky

Al Gore must be trying to make his own ‘rain bombs’

By Doug Powers  •  August 2, 2017 05:32 PM

But what about “hypocrite bombs”?

DUH: Dem worried Armed Forces Commander in Chief’s ‘militarizing’ WH (Open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  July 30, 2017 09:54 AM

General lunacy.

Eco-alarmist scientists determined to make ‘climate’ kill everybody one way or another

By Doug Powers  •  July 26, 2017 05:20 PM

Another foolproof plan

New Dem slogan a BIG hit with people who make money testing slogans (open thread)

By Doug Powers  •  July 23, 2017 08:21 AM

Prepping for 2018’s delicate operation

Climate crisis getting so dire DiCaprio’s *giving up private jets (*next Wed. only)

By Doug Powers  •  July 21, 2017 03:17 PM

Planet SAVED!

NPR & Bill Nye share 2-step climate change fix: You stop having kids, then die ASAP

By Doug Powers  •  July 20, 2017 07:54 AM

Orwellian AF

Al Gore undaunted by inconvenient truth about Antarctic iceberg

By Doug Powers  •  July 14, 2017 02:05 PM

Self-contained buzzkills

Science! More proof that climate change alarmists have ALL the bases covered

By Doug Powers  •  July 11, 2017 09:23 AM

This mixed message is Gore-approved

Of course: Jerry Brown invites private jet parade to Calif. for emergency climate change conference

By Doug Powers  •  July 6, 2017 06:30 PM

Emission Impossible