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The return of an unhinged IVAW member

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 1, 2008 07:36 PM

Three weeks ago, I told you about the violent postings of Iraq Veterans Against the War member Evan Knappenberger, who threatened the Gathering of Eagles and advocated my assassination. I offered thanks to an IVAW official who announced that Knappenberger had been indefinitely suspended. Well, now that IVAW’s Winter Soldier hearings are over, it looks […]

A bomb threat against the Gathering of Eagles Update: Meet the IVAW jerk ; Update: More threats to "waste" counterprotesters

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 10, 2008 05:59 PM

“Peace” my you-know-what.

Rallying for recruiters–and gearing up for next ANSWER paroxysm

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 9, 2008 10:47 AM

Eagles up.

A rally in Times Square…while anarchists cheer the bombing

By Michelle Malkin  •  March 7, 2008 09:36 AM

Gathering of Eagles.

“You do realize that Malkin is a C.F.R member made to be a puppet for the Globalist agenda right?”

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 18, 2007 12:30 PM


Photoblogging Gathering of Eagles 3: Us and Them…plus bonus Rolling Thunder vs. Code Pink video…and more photos added

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 15, 2007 10:18 PM

Update: Check out our video highlights of Them. Update: Gee, which side do you think the protester charged with felony possession of an incendiary device was on…Us or Them? Via ABC News (hat tip – bpmonaco): “Thousands of anti-war protesters holding black and yellow signs saying “End the War” filled the park in front of […]

Liveblogging GOE: Hour one; Update: 1:30pm Eastern; Update: 5:00pm Eastern “Fuck Bush,” “Oink Oink!”; GOE leader Col. Harry Riley: “We’re not going away.”

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 15, 2007 09:55 AM

“Surrender is not a word in our vocabulary.”

Photoblogging: The Gathering of Eagles at Walter Reed

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 14, 2007 11:56 PM

The Eagles joined Free Republic.com members at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for the weekly Friday “Freep” tonight to show support for the troops. Bryan Preston and I were there to join in, meet fellow Eagles, and film the gathering for a future Hot Air special (see our video report on the first Gathering […]

Gathering of Eagles III: Get ready

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 13, 2007 08:21 PM

Charter Buses for 9/15 For other bus information click here, here, here, or here. Hudson Valley Bus $80/seat 56 seats Restroom Departs: Albany at Midnight, Friday Night Newburgh at 0200am Nanuet or Suffern at 0330am It may stop at Edison, NJ, departing at 4:30am Long Island/NYC Bus $80/seat 56 seats Restroom Departure Times are estimates […]

Vandalism. Desecration. Cowardice. Coddling. Enough is enough.

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 12, 2007 09:17 PM

Update 9/13 10:30am. Just received an email from reader Dave… On Saturday, September 15, the Nam Knights of America Motorcycle Club, a U.S. military veteran and law enforcement MC, will provide security at the Vietnam Memorial and the Vietnam Nurses Memorial in Washington, D.C. as part of the larger counter demonstation to that of ANSWER. […]