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Big Lizards: Media Matters In the Meme Streets of Baghdad – 1

By mmguestblogger  •  January 8, 2007 07:55 AM

This post is by the lizards (mostly Sachi), not by our dearest Michelle; the host is on holiday somewhere — I think she said Akron, but the connection was bad. ~^~ The Iraq war — indeed, the larger GWOJ (global war against jihadism) — is as much a propaganda war, a war of ideas and […]

Eric Boehlert: Clown of the day

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 12, 2006 03:55 PM

Don’t you love farce? Eric Boehlert has a post titled “Michelle Malkin fiddles while Baghdad burns” that’s making the rounds on the moonbat side of the blogosphere. Bob Owens has a takedown of the Media Matters bloviator here: In Michelle Malkin fiddles while Baghdad burns, Boehlert dishonestly addresses the continuing Associated Press scandal surrounding the […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  May 25, 2005 07:01 AM

The claim that Power Line failed to acknowledge the provenance of the Schiavo “GOP Talking Points” memo continues to be made even though it is demonstrably false. Note to Wall Street Journal editors: If you’re going to quote someone making an absurd attack on a blog, you might at least publish the blog’s correct URL. […]