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The Flight 93 memorial revisited

By Michelle Malkin  •  May 19, 2007 09:08 PM

Jonathan V. Last reports that the disastrous “Crescent of Embrace” in Shanksville, Pa., was the result not only of insipid political correctness–but of abject, soulless bureaucracy. Read the whole thing. Here’s the conclusion: At some point in the next few years, the National Park Service will give us its version of the Flight 93 Memorial. […]

The cross at Ground Zero

By Michelle Malkin  •  October 5, 2006 08:54 PM

Remember the cross-shaped beams pulled from the wreckage at the World Trade Center on 9/11? The symbol of faith and hope that inspired rescue workers and 9/11 families is being moved from the site. The 20-foot-tall artifact was discovered in the smoking ruins two weeks after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and became a […]

The Arizona 9/11 memorial disgrace

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 24, 2006 10:40 PM

***scroll for updates…AZ Gov. Napolitano thinks the memorial is “great,” “honorable,” and “responsible…” You have got to see the entire stomach-turning photo series of the Arizona 9/11 memorial disgrace over at Hot Air. Many thanks to Hot Air commenter AZ Patriot for taking the pics. The blogswarm has been building over the moonbattered memorial, which […]

9/11 pledge: “I will not submit”

By Michelle Malkin  •  September 11, 2006 01:27 PM

The above phrase in Arabic is “lan astaslem.” It means “I will not surrender/I will not submit.” (Thanks to Rusty, Laura, and Daveed for translation help.) This is the last line of my 9/11 column and it’s my 9/11 anniversary message to the convert-or-die jihadists. And yes, I’ve got t-shirts in the works as a […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  June 6, 2006 09:49 AM

Debra Burlingame exposes the squandering of 9/11 memorial funds: The American people, watching the horrific scenes in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania, voiced nary a peep of dissent when the federal government handed over $21 billion in disaster relief–$18 billion in rebuilding bonds and tax credits, and $2.8 billion in immediate cash grants–to the state […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  January 6, 2006 12:20 PM

Clinton W. Taylor reports that the Flight 93 Memorial controversy is not over: There is this new design out for the Flight 93 Memorial near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Its original version, called the “Crescent of Embrace,” met a barrage of flak in the blogosphere because of its unfortunate resemblance to an Islamic crescent, aligned toward Mecca. […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  November 30, 2005 10:55 AM

***updated 12/1 below*** The crescent is gone. AP reports: Designers of a Flight 93 memorial have made a bowl-shaped piece of land its centerpiece, replacing a crescent-shape design that some critics had said was a symbol honoring terrorists, officials announced Wednesday. The new design for the memorial, to be built on the site of the […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  September 16, 2005 01:08 PM

Cox & Forkum say it all: *** Dimitri Vassilaros of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review says “Kill the crescent.” The Philadelphia Inquirer calls critics “blind.” The Johnstown Tribune Democrat supports altering the memorial and cites the second-stage jury’s own words: “Consider the interpretation and impact of words within the context of this event,” the jury wrote in […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  September 14, 2005 08:37 PM

Despite reports of National Park Service faxes on the fritz and Interior Department e-mails bouncing, the objections of countless numbers of you to the proposed Flight 93 Memorial have been heard. And here, via AP, are the results to prove it: WASHINGTON – The architect of the memorial to a plane downed in western Pennsylvania […]


By Michelle Malkin  •  September 14, 2005 10:04 AM

My latest column, “Monumental surrender,” on the Flight 93 Memorial controversy, bubbling in the blogosphere for nearly a week, is up: War memorials should memorialize war. If you want peace and understanding and healing and good will toward all, go build Kabbalah centers… …A proper war memorial stirs to anger and action. We all remember […]