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Open thread: Obama era perfectly encapsulated in one sentence; Krauthammer nukes Hillary apologists

By Doug Powers  •  April 26, 2015 10:47 AM

The Beats go on

Hillary: Abortion will never be copacetic until you clingers let go of your religious hangups

By Doug Powers  •  April 24, 2015 09:43 PM

Morals and ethics. Who needs ‘em?

Team Hillary’s first bumper sticker photo is an in-your-face reminder that she has 9 lives

By Doug Powers  •  April 24, 2015 08:07 PM

**Written by Doug Powers The Hillary campaign has their first official bumper sticker, and here’s one of the ways they showed it off: pic.twitter.com/8Ct1m1Jsls — Shoshana Weissmann (@senatorshoshana) April 24, 2015 OK, I get it — cats and Hillary both have nine lives (Hillary probably a few more than that). Sure, it’s cheesy, but the […]

Chairman of uber-populist candidate’s campaign wants you to trust word of corporate billionaire

By Doug Powers  •  April 23, 2015 09:34 PM

**Written by Doug Powers By now you might have already heard about Uranium One, a deal that just coincidentally took place while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation was raking in foreign donations that they just coincidentally forgot to report on their tax filings: At the heart of the tale are […]

Clinton Foundation just one more tax filing ‘oversight’ away from being offered a show on MSNBC

By Doug Powers  •  April 23, 2015 06:49 AM


OFA tosses up desperation shot on ‘climate change’

By Doug Powers  •  April 22, 2015 09:04 PM

Settled science!

Doomsday is Nye: Obama and clown ‘scientist’ crop dust nation with 747 fumes to celebrate Earth Day

By Doug Powers  •  April 22, 2015 07:15 AM

**Written by Doug Powers What’s the carbon footprint of a three-way collision between gas-powered salesmanship, coal-fired braggadocio and rank hypocrisy? Heading down to D to catch an #EarthDay flight on Air Force One tomorrow with the President. We're going to #ActOnClimate. — Bill Nye (@BillNye) April 21, 2015 They’d make less of a carbon footprint […]

Obama / yemen / iran

By Doug Powers  •  April 20, 2015 08:28 PM

**Written by Doug Powers Last September: Earlier this month: How are the Iran and Yemen successes working out? This combines the above into a “Two-fer Tuesday” of “success story” fails: **Written by Doug Powers Twitter @ThePowersThatBe

Fixed: Here’s how Newsweek’s Clinton Foundation scandal story should have opened

By Doug Powers  •  April 19, 2015 11:21 AM

Lede by example

MSM: There’s no pro-Hillary media bias — Reality: Hahahaha!

By Doug Powers  •  April 17, 2015 04:34 PM

**Written by Doug Powers Last night when I saw this headline I spit Corona all over my computer (no lime though because the store was sold out — thanks a lot, Gwyneth!) The mainstream media nodded in agreement briefly before returning to having carnal relations with Hillary’s Chipotle wrapper. The counter-argument to that claim is […]

Proof positive: A lot of thought went into Hillary’s visit to Chipotle!

By Doug Powers  •  April 17, 2015 12:54 PM

No burrito left unturned

There is no ‘H’ in ‘spontaneity': Hillary Clinton kaffeeklatsch was more staged than The Phantom of the Opera

By Doug Powers  •  April 16, 2015 06:50 AM

More plants than a greenhouse

Media chasing Hillary

By Doug Powers  •  April 15, 2015 07:22 AM

**Written by Doug Powers Quiz: What are these “journalist” chasing down? A) The dismantled, smashed and charred remains of Hillary’s email server as they were carted away from the Clinton residence in a Geek Squad meat wagon. B) A lead about the $6 billion unaccounted for during Hillary’s tenure at the State Department. C) A […]

By Doug Powers  •  April 14, 2015 09:44 PM

If you like your revolution, you can keep your revolution

A helpful reminder about Hillary Clinton, Common Core and the Fed Ed control freaks

By Michelle Malkin  •  April 14, 2015 01:56 PM

Last week, the New York Times published a lengthy report on Hillary Clinton’s Common Core conundrum. Today, she commented in Iowa that the debate over the failed Fed Ed standards was “painful” to her (debate is always painful to control freaks in both parties) because it started out as a “bipartisan” effort (Big Government/Big Business […]

‘No way there’s a pro-Hillary media bias,’ self-debunking #4,713

By Doug Powers  •  April 14, 2015 08:22 AM

**Written by Doug Powers Scootch over, Chuck Todd, because it’s getting crowded in the media’s version of Hillary’s Mystery Machine. The wind-up: There's literally nothing on Earth funnier now than conservatives on Twitter who think @HillaryClinton is enjoying a honeymoon w/ the media — Mark Halperin (@MarkHalperin) April 13, 2015 And the pitch, two days […]

Chuck Todd’s cheerleading about Hillary’s ‘spontaneous’ road trip brought to an abrupt end (until the next time)

By Doug Powers  •  April 13, 2015 09:33 PM

They want to believe.

Sunday open thread: Gwyneth Paltrow shows that liberal empathy is a SNAP

By Doug Powers  •  April 12, 2015 10:03 AM

Plus, Hillary kicks off Bosley campaign

The Hillary Clinton pay-to-play ‘coincidences’ just keep piling up

By Doug Powers  •  April 9, 2015 08:42 PM

Follow the money… if you can

President who has enjoyed smoking cigarettes cites ‘climate change’ as possible explanation for daughter’s asthma

By Doug Powers  •  April 8, 2015 09:25 PM

Science up in smoke

Russian hackers got into WH computer system, but Hillary’s server was probably totally secure

By Doug Powers  •  April 8, 2015 07:54 AM

**Written by Doug Powers Just to be safe, better deploy Drebin for this one: Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server registered to her home address that was left unencrypted for the first three months of her tenure at State has been called “a counterintelligence disaster of truly epic proportions” (actually, “disaster of epic […]

Dueling Headlines: CIA director vs. Obama on the Iran nuke deal

By Doug Powers  •  April 7, 2015 10:01 PM

Lights out

The Crusade continues: Obama defers criticism of ‘less than loving Christians’ for another day

By Doug Powers  •  April 7, 2015 11:41 AM


President who made a deal allowing Iran to pursue nukes warns of health threat posed by climate change

By Doug Powers  •  April 7, 2015 10:49 AM

The hard-sell

Hillary 2016 leases office space; Vagabond volunteers continue to seek shelter in NYC

By Doug Powers  •  April 3, 2015 03:46 PM

Brother can you spare a room?

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